Sunday, July 15, 2007

07/15/07 - Daily Progress Report

Earned $28 working at the Church nursery today.

Earned $1.08 from Cash Crate today.

The above earnings put me just over $400 earned so far this month. Still $100 short of my goal of $500 for the first half of the month. I did get a bracelet order that is not finalized yet. Will either be a one strand for $45 or a two strand for $70, so that will help, but I'll have to do better the second half of this month to break $1,000.

I'll have to make a real effort with writing for Associated Content and selling items on ebay for the second half of this month if I have any chance of reaching my goal.

This week won't be much of a money earning one though. My husband and I are leaving on Wednesday for a work trip to the Bahamas! It's an all expense paid trip that my husband earned for exceeding his sales goals. So while the trip won't cost us anything really, I won't be around to earn anything either. Not that I'm complaining. We are so looking forward to this trip. My parents will be taking the kids so they'll have fun too.

So, next week the pressure will be on, big time!

Total Saved: $0
Total Earned: $29.08