Friday, July 20, 2007

07/20/07 - Shut Down by Google

Sorry I haven't been able to post for the last couple of days. Yes, I am on vacation in the Bahamas, but I am still a blog addict! :)

Google temporarily shut down my blog because robots determined it might be a spam blog????

Anyway, they checked it out manually and now I am good to go. My last three Daily Progress Reports are now posted. Not too much to report since I am on vacation. Luckily most of our expenses are paid by my husband's company so we're not doing too much damage.

I will need to really buckle down when I get home. Have to admit I'm really considering those credit cards offers to earn some quick cash. (See my article Credit Card Offers.) I am going to be pressed to pull in over $1,000 this month - but I am determined!

I've read three financial books while on vacation. I'll be posting their reviews in upcoming posts.

Bye for now!