Saturday, August 11, 2007

08/11/07 - Daily Progress Report

We are bringing the girls camping overnight today. Already paid for the campsite. Will pick up a few last minute items at the grocery store on the way. But other than than shouldn't have too many expenses for today and tomorrow. (Hopefully!)

My two items on ebay will end Monday. One will sell and is up to $12.50 already. The other doesn't have any bids yet but has 3 people watching, so I'm hopeful.

I am disappointed that Associated Content doesn't have a Special Content Offer going right now. I like knowing that I'll get a minimum of $8 for an article, but I guess I'll just have to wing it and hope for the best.

Cash Crate has also been a bit slow going this month. All the offers I have done this month have stayed in pending. None have confirmed for me. I also got my Dad and my three sisters to sign up and none of their offers have been confirming. Anyone else been having this problem?

The other thing with Cash Crate is a glitch with my computer. I have a lot of problems with "cookies". I have not been able to do some of the offers because the cookies are not enabled (and I have enabled them over and over but it won't work!). I have also not been able to do the Daily Survey for the same reason. So, it has been very frustrating.

I think the rest of the month I will focus most of my energy preparing for our Yard Sale and selling more items on ebay. Hopefully a few jewelry orders will come in too.

I need to make that $1,000 goal!! :)

Today's Earnings: $3.04
Performance bonus from Associated Content (based on page views that my articles have gotten): $2.86.
Today's Cash Crate earnings: $ .18

Today's Expenses: $
Picked up a few groceries to bring camping ($22.06 - grocery).