Friday, September 7, 2007

I Just Saved $750

Well, I got lucky today. It was the Open House for my daughter's preschool today and I was able to save $750. Here's what happened . . .

In the Spring we had to register for the 2007-2008 preschool year. The school I wanted my daughter to go to is very popular and enrolls students by random lottery, so you don't find out if you got in until late April. The other preschool I like had a $50 non refundable registration fee required by March 1st. So - I made the mistake of taking my chances with the lottery and not "wasting" the $50 non refundable fee for my second choice preschool. After all, my first two daughters got in through the lottery . . .

Well, daughter number 3 didn't get in! Panic set in. Second choice preschool class was full. More panic plus guilt.

Spoke with the Director of 1st choice preschool - no chance of an opening.

Spoke with the Director of 2nd choice preschool - good chance of an opening she told me.

Stress and worry all summer until Director of 2nd choice preschool calls and lets me know there is an opening but it's in the 9am - 1pm class (not the 9am - 11:30am class that I wanted). I tell her I'll take it. Then spend the next 3 weeks beating myself up for trying to save $50 on the registration fee, and end up needing to spend an extra $75 per month for the 9am-1pm class (the 9-1 class is $250 a month whereas the 9-11:30 class is $175 a month).

Anyway, I had accepted my costly mistake and focused on the extra time this would give me to potentially earn money, etc. Then when I arrived at the Open House today the Director said I could send her until 11:30 or until 1pm - it was up to me.

Well, after a brief moment of shock (I had started to get used to the idea of having 9-1pm to myself 3 days a week!), I came to my senses and realized I would save $750 this year by having her go to the 9-11:30am class.

So, 9-11:30 it is. $750 extra in my pocket (or to the debts!)!