Saturday, January 5, 2008

1/05/09 - Daily Progress Report

Spent a nice family day at home today. Played around with our budget spreadsheet and debt snowball just to see the best case and worst case scenarios for this year. Things are looking pretty good. But my oldest will need braces soon, so I need to try to figure that in somewhere.

My husband, who is not usually a spender, bought himself some new clothes (which we had discussed), but he also came home with a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt for my two oldest daughters. They don't need clothes, and my second daughter doesn't even like polo style shirts. My husband found them on sale for $12 each and couldn't pass them up because it was such a great deal. I don't think $24 of unnecessary clothing is such a great deal. Especially since they got so much stuff for Christmas.

Anyway, he said he would return the shirt for my second daughter who didn't want it. So, it's only $12.

I just wish he wanted to be gazelle intense about getting debt free.

We'll still get there.