Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1/30/08 - Daily Progress Report

Did a few returns today. Two large Littlest Pet Shop playhouses that I had got two of my daughters for Christmas that were still unopened - $20 each. Some socks my daughter didn't like - $6, and another unused Christmas gift - $6. For a total of $52 dollars returned!

I still have a couple more things from Christmas that I know I need to return. And I'm sure if I looked around a bit I could find still more things around the house that we bought but later found that we didn't need. Returning things is one of the easiest ways to "earn" extra money, I find.

Okay, I did buy myself a couple of things - a new shirt, socks, and earrings. These are to wear on my 40th birthday this weekend, and I used a Target gift card we received for Christmas.

The kids have a half day today so it will be a noisy afternoon!