Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daily Progress Report

Haven't had much time to post this week. The kids are on school vacation this week, so we've been busy.

I was able to earn a little money babysitting this week. Originally I was going to babysit for three whole days, at $10 an hour I would have made $240, but it didn't work out like that unfortunately.

First the three whole days turned into two full days and one half day. Then they ended up not needing me the two whole days and only needed me the one half day. I was very disappointed because I was really looking forward to the extra money and I had planned our vacation week around those obligations. So, today I babysat for a half day, but they ended up paying me for a full day since they had canceled out on me at the last minute.

Anyway, in the end I earned $80, so not too bad.

I am planning on taking two of my daughter's skiing one day this week though, and skiing is so expensive! They have been wanting to go for the past two years and we haven't managed to take them yet, so I'm going to bite the bullet and just take them. I did plan for it in our budget for this month, but we do have a very tight budget this month. So, I'll need to be very careful with the rest of our spending this month.

What's worse is that I just found out from my husband that he won't get his commission in March with his first check on the 1st, but will have to wait until the check he gets on the 15th. This is going to make March a very very tight month. I might have to transfer some funds from savings.

At least we found out in advance and have a little time to plan for this bump in the road.