Saturday, March 8, 2008

Today's Food Spending

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Went grocery shopping today.

I used to shop at Market Basket. It is close to a twenty minute drive away, but they have really good prices so I always felt it was worth the extra drive.

Then a new discount grocery store opened near me. Their prices are fantastic but they have a very limited selection of brands and items.

I was alternating between these two grocery stores each week for a while. Then I realized that I don't really need to go grocery shopping every week. So, I stretched it out a little longer between each trip.

Now I have decided to make just one trip a month to Market Basket, and shop the discount grocery store as needed during the rest of the month (hopefully only to get fresh fruits and vegetables as needed).

So, this long preamble is to explain my very expensive trip to Market Basket today. I spent $227.80 (after saving $9.50 with coupons).

This puts us just about at the $500 mark, which is our total food budget for March, and it is only March 8th.

The good news is that my house is stocked! I think we can make it on the grocery side. I'm not sure we can go the rest of the month without eating out. I guess we can use our weekly spending money for eating out, which is what we usually do.

$227.80 - Grocery Food (Market Basket monthly trip)
$477 .76 - Subtotal For March