Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sorry I haven't been posting very regularly. I have been busy launching my new jewelry website. If you're looking for any gifts be sure to check it out (Mother's Day is May 11th.)

Riding Lawn Mower - I did a little research on Craig'slist and found some used ones that looked pretty good. I had my husband look at them and he found one he thought looked really good. He went to look at it yesterday and decided to buy it. It will cost us $1,000, but it is a much better model than we could get new for $1,500, plus it comes with a lot of parts and attachments. So, I'm happy and my hubby's happy. I transferred $1,000 from our on line savings account so we will be able to pay for it with cash. I will put the $1,000 back into savings when my husband gets paid on the 5/1. What this means for our budget is that we will only be able to pay $200 towards our debt snowball instead of the $1,200 I had planned. At least we won't need to actually use up our emergency fund. I guess we just added another month before we will become debt free.

I should have an update on how we did actual vs. budget for April in a few days.