Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Am Letting My Snowball Melt

So, it's been decided. I am no longer trying to pay off my debts (well, debt - only one left). No more debt snowball.

I know. It's radical.

No - I have not given up. I just see "storm clouds" on the horizon and I want to be prepared.

With the economy the way it is (in bad shape), there is a very real chance that my husband's commission could go down - waaay down. Now, they might not - but I want to be prepared. So, to be prepared, instead of making extra payments (snowball) to our debt, I will be putting that money in our savings account. If things get bad, we will have those funds to rely on. If they don't, we can take all the money we saved up and make a big payment to our debt.

We still owe $22,000. I wish we owed nothing but it is what it is. We will eventually get to "debt free" but right now we need to be prepared for the worst.