Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How We Divide The Financial Responsibilities

In my family - I am the nerd. I like making spreadsheets of our finances. I like looking at different scenarios of how our savings could grow. This gives me a sense of control and security.

My husband hates looking at the big picture. Or talking about it. Or thinking about it. As long as he has a bit of spending money in his pocket - he feels fine.

I guess he's the "free spirit" - but he is not a big spender. He rarely buys himself anything (where I have been know to splurge on clothes for myself, etc.).

He is also more organized than I am. I don't think he has ever paid a bill late (and I can't make that claim).

So, after 20 years of marriage - we finally figured out what works for our family:

My husband handles the paying of the regular monthly bills.
I handle the long term financial planning (yearly budget, projected savings, projected home payoff, etc.).

How do you handle it in your family?