Wednesday, February 25, 2009

March 2009 Budget

For March, our projected income is $6,590. This includes $600 that will be transferred from our Savings account. It also includes $150 from jewelry sales, which is $100 more than the usual $50 that I budget. This is because I will be doing a big craft show and anticipate making some extra cash. It also includes a commission in the amount of $1,300.

Our projected expenses is $6,527. This includes all our regular expenses including $200 towards our last debt (HELOC) and $1,000 to our "Snowball Savings Account". (We are putting this money aside because of worry about the economic situation in our country. If the storm passes, we will eventually put all this money on our last debt.)

This month's expenses also includes an additional $125 for a charity fundraiser we will be attending to benefit autism (listed under Misc.). It also includes $100 for new clothing for the children for spring clothes and shoes. (This might be a bit low, but I do have another $300 budgeted for summer clothes in June.) It also includes $300 for my daughter's braces because I had forgot my checkbook in Jan. and we missed our appointment in Feb. It also includes $50 for my cell phone as I will need to add some more minutes. (I use a prepaid phone only for important calls.) It also includes $256 for life insurance (which we pay annually instead of monthly).

Our projected savings by the end of March is $5,900. Of this, $4,400 will be in our Snowball Savings Account and $1,500 will be in our Regular Savings Account (and the $1,500 is including the $1,000 BEF).


AUTO-Excise Tax $0
AUTO GAS - BR $200
AUTO-Insurance $120
AUTO-Maintenance $0
CASH-Auto Gas JR $100
CASH-Clothing $100
CASH-Dining Out $120
CASH-Gifts $0
CASH-Grocery $500
CASH-Kids Allownce $50
CASH-Parties $0
CASH-School Lunch $45
CASH-Spending $200
DEBT-Equity Loan $200
DEBT-Visa $0
HOME-Cable/Phone $181
HOME-Electric $180
HOME-Water $0
HOME-Furnace $0
HOME-Mortgage $2,327
HOME-Oil $400
HOME-Trash $65
KIDS-Bball $0
KIDS-Misc. $0
KIDS-Piano $0
KIDS-Preschool $0
MISC. $125
MISC. $0
PERSONAL-Cell Ph $50
PERSNAL-Contacts $0
PERSONAL-Lif Ins. $256
PERSONAL-Braces $300
PERSONAL- Sprts $0
TO SAV E.D. Snowb $1,000
TOTAL $6,527

1st Paycheck $2,220
1st Commission $1,300
15th Paycheck $2,220
Church Pay $100
Jewelry Pay $150
Other $0
Transfer fr Savings $600
TOTAL $6,590

Beginning Balance $0
'+ Income $6,590
Subtotal $6,590
'- Expenses $6,527
Subtotal $63
Save For Next Month $63
Ending Balance $0

Beginning Balance $5,500
+Transfer to ED sav $1,000
+Trnsfer to ING sav $0
Subtotal $6,500
'- Trnsfer fr Savings -$600
Ending Balance $5,900

E.D. Snowball Total $4,400
Ing Savings Total $1,500
Total Savings $5,900