Monday, July 2, 2007

07/02/07 - Daily Progress Report

Completed one Cash Crate offer today and got credit for another. Earned: $ 2.24

Got a rebate check in the mail today. Earned: $15

Bought Diet Coke on sale for 5 twelve packs for $10 (normally $3 each is a good price, $2 each is really great, or course it would be even better if I could just drink water! lol). Saved: $5

Google AdSense Earnings: $ .67

I need to start planning my yard sale and find my digital camera so I can sell more stuff on ebay! I got a lot of money from selling my Dazzling Jewelry Creations jewelry in June because of teacher gifts and graduation gifts. There will probably be less jewelry business this month so I will need to try to replace that income.

Total Saved: $5
Total Earned: $17.91