Monday, July 2, 2007

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is a great site that I use to earn money.

I earned a little over $50 in May and a little over $50 in June from Cash Crate.

Check out the Cash Crate website. It is free to sign up and the offers are very easy to do.

Companies want people to learn about them and their products, services, and websites. They pay Cash Crate to have their members take surveys, sign up for free trials, or just to be exposed to their advertisements. And Cash Crate gives up to 75% of this money back to its members.

After you sign up you will see a list of offers on the Cash Crate site. Each offer explains what is required (such as fill out a form, or take a survey, etc.) and how much it pays. Once you have completed the offer, it will go to "pending", and once it has been verified that you completed the offer, it will go to "completed" and the payment will be listed in your earnings. You are free to do as few or as many offers as you would like. There is also a Daily Survey that pays $ .80 and you are only allowed to take one Daily Survey each day.

Cash Crate also pays a $3 referral bonus for each person that you refer that signs up at Cash Crate. Your $3 bonus is credited to you once the person you referred has earned $10. ($10 is the minimum payout.)

Lastly, Cash Crate pays you a percentage of what your referrals earn. You will earn 20% of what your referrals earn. And if they sign up referrals, you will earn 10% of what those members earn.

Cash Crate pays you by check. You will receive the payment at the end of the month following the month you earned the money. So if you earned $50 in May, you will receive that check at the end of June. (See my post "Cash Crate: Proof of Payment".)

Sign up with Cash Crate today!