Friday, July 27, 2007

07/27/07 - Daily Progress Report

Finally, got an offer of $8.22 from Associated Content for my last article (yeay!!). I am very happy about that small achievement. Also decided to submit my book review on The Four Laws of Debt Free Prosperity. I submitted as non-exclusive since I already published it here. So, well see if they offer me anything for it.

Also posted another item on ebay today. A coach purse, so hopefully that should bring in a good size chunk of change. Starting bid is at $35, so at least that much if it does sell. I saw other bags like mine selling for between $50 and $100, so that would be good.

Also got out all the returns I need to do. Have quite a few. I haven't added it all up yet, and dug out all the receipts yet (I hate that job. I need to be more organized!) But, if I can get all those done it will probably be close to $100 I think.

Oh, and I just checked my ad revenue, and I earned another $8 so far this month. So that made me happy.

So, earnings are looking a little brighter today. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed!

Updates: My first ebay auction ended and I earned another $15 - yeay!! And now the big one - I broke down and signed up for the American Express business card to get 25,000 points which I can use to get $250 in gift cards. So anther $250 "earned", bringing this month's total up that much closer to $1,000. :)

Total Saved: $0
Total Earned: $281.22