Friday, July 27, 2007

Credit Card Tempting Offers: New Update

Okay. After a few MORE calls to American Express, I was assured by two different people that if you sign up for the Business card you will earn 25,000 points which you can use to get $250 in gift cards. (Someone at AmX told me you could only use the 25,000 points for a free airline ticket, but two different people assured me that was incorrect.)

So . . . I took the plunge. I signed up for it. I feel a little guilty as I know Dave Ramsey definitely would not approve. Hopefully I am savvy enough to play with these snakes and not get bitten! :)

My plan is to use the gift cards to purchase Christmas gifts and take $250 out of my Christmas budget to use for the debt snowball. So, that was an easy way to "earn" $250 (I hope!).

If anyone else is interested in applying for the card, you can read the article by Five Cent Nickel and click on one to complete the online application. (It is a short one page form with only basic name, address, phone, etc. and it will tell you if you are approved in literally 60 seconds!)