Monday, July 30, 2007

07/30/07 - Daily Progress Report

Today's Cash Crate earnings: $2.50. And, I got another referral, so my rank has gone up to "Silver". Yeay!

Update on ad earnings: $.80

Also, one of my ebay items has a bid of $44! The auction will end tomorrow so I won't add this income in until it ends. Maybe it will ends even higher. Anyway, I'll end at least at $991. I'm sure I can come up with something to earn at least another $9 tomorrow. So, I will break $1,000 this month after all. I am very happy about that!

Starting on Wednesday, August 1st, I will be tracking all of my expenses also. This will give a much more accurate picture of my progress and will hopefully help to keep expenses low to maximize the overall effect on our finances.

Total Saved: $0
Total Earned: $3.30