Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 2007 Budget

Well, our August Budget is complete. Looks like our expenses will be $6,474 this month if nothing unexpected happens.

I have budgeted $200 for vacation money as we will be spending the weekend at a friend's beach house, visiting my sister in Maine, going to Story Land (amusement park), and bringing the kids camping. I might have been a little too tight in this category but I'm hoping that since we will be out of town a lot during August we should have a little extra money from the grocery budget.

The misc. category is to cover any unexpected bills. I know we have a bill for $25 for the last payment for my daughters flute rental and another $25 bill for some lab work my doctor ordered.

The pizza category is for our weekly Friday night meal, usually takeout pizza.

The spending category is for "blow" money. $30 for my husband and $20 for myself each week. This is money we do not have to account for.

Kid's clothes is for back to school clothes. I had budgeted a little for the past few months and I still have some left over to add to this months.

Parties is for the kid's birthdays which are in the fall, I budget early so I will hopefully plan early.