Wednesday, August 1, 2007

08/01/07 - Daily Progress Report

Well, I have posted my August Budget in the right side bar. There may be a few adjustments to the numbers early in the month as I was late in putting it together and need to check with my husband for any bills or expenses I have forgotten.

I welcome any questions or comments in regards to the budget.

I'm hoping that tracking every expense every day in my blog will ensure that we monitor our actual expenses and make sure they are in line with our budget.

Today's Earnings
Emigrant Direct Interest: $55
Cash Crate: $ .79
Total: $55.79

Today's Expenses
Misc.: $15.90 (Shipped 2 items I sold on ebay and 1 package for my daughter.)
Vacation: $20.00 (Gave $20 to my daughter who is spending the weekend at the beach with a friend.)
Total: $35.90