Friday, September 14, 2007

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words - Especially on Ebay!

If you want to make money selling items on ebay, clearly you will need to include photos of your products. This can get expensive as ebay charges a pretty penny for adding additional photos to a listing. (To be exact, ebay lets you include the first photo for free, then charges you an additional $ .15 for each additional photo, and an additional $ .35 to include a gallery photo.)

Well, an on line buddy recently introduced me to a great way to include extra photos in your ebay listing for free, by using a great website called TinyPic. So, I thought I would pass along this valuable information to any of you prospective ebay sellers (especially since this month ebay is running a no listing fee special!).

TinyPic is a website that will host your photos for free. You simply go to the TinyPic website, upload your photos, and it will give you the html code, and the URL, along with lots of other info that you can use to use those photos on line. You don't even need to register at TinyPic. It is quick and easy.

Here is exactly what you do at the TinyPic website. On the home page you will see a section to upload videos and images. Simply click on the "browse" button, find the photo on your computer and click on it, then click on "upload". TinyPic will then give you the html code and the URL that you can use in your ebay listing.

Here is what you do when you are entering your ebay listing. When you get to the pictures section, click on "add pictures". Then click on "self-hosting". Here you can add the URL's of the pictures you want on your listing. The first photo you add is the one that will be used for the gallery photo if you choose that option (which you should, eventhough ebay does charge $ .35 for a gallery photo, your item is unlikely to sell without one). You can usually add a total of 6 to 12 photos in this section. These pictures will show at the top of your listing. (The first photo will be the gallery photo and then you can scroll through the rest of the photos.) The next place you can add photos is in the description section. Here you can add unlimited photos! To do this just add the html code that you got from TinyPic in the description section.

That's it! Free photos.

So, check out TinyPic and host your photos for free.

And remember that this month ebay is having a no listing fee special. So list your items for free and host your photos for free. The only thing you will have to pay for is $ .35 to add a gallery photo to your listing.

Good luck!