Thursday, October 11, 2007

10/11/07 - Daily Progress Report

Well, including today's earnings I am up to $196.16 so far this month. Appears I am on target to earn around $600 this month - not the $1,000 I am aiming for. But there's still time. My performance in getting things on ebay and writing for Associated Content has been lacking. If I get my act together, I could still manage to make $1,000 but it will be tough.

I did apply for another credit card (I know, I know, totally against the Dave Ramsey way!) - but I can't resist those free bonus points! This card from citibank will get me $150 in free gift cards, which I will use towards gifts, both Christmas and upcoming birthdays. This money added to the $250 in gift cards I got from American Express will put a huge dent in my gift expenses. And I will put the funds I would have spent on these gifts towards the debt snowball! So, if I get approved for this new card I will add $150 to this month's earnings.

Today's Earnings: $103.06
Ad Revenue: $100.11
Associated Content Performance Bonus: $3.06