Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/25/07 - Daily Progress Report

Worked at the church nursery today. Also placed a rush order for some supplies so that I can go to the craft fair this Saturday and sell some of my jewelry (hopefully!). I hate that I had to pay extra for rush shipping since I waited until the last minute to order. Being busy definitely costs you extra!

We also managed to overdraw our checking account and incur a $25.00 insufficient funds fee. I can also blame this in being busy (and unorganized!). I was transferring $1,500.00 from our savings (reserved for upcoming monthly expenses) and I just didn't do it in time. Ugh!

So, November has not been our best financial month so far.

Also, my husband's upcoming commission check is all wrong. He is only getting $150 and we had budgeted/forecasted for $2,500!! My husband says it will get fixed but probably not until his January check!

I was able to go over all the numbers and come up with a budget of only the necessities and it looks like we can just squeak by in December and still pay $1,100 towards our debt snowball.

I am nervous though, because the $1,500 I transferred is the last of our cushion in our savings account, besides our $1,000 emergency fund.

So, feeling a little nervous about the upcoming months . . .

Today's earnings:
Church Nursery: $28.00