Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Slowly But Surely

Well, I just checked our total debt payoff progress (and updated it in the sidebar). We started on our journey to become debt free in February of this year (2007). So far, we have decreased our debt by $11,800.00!! This is pretty great since it means that we have paid even more than that amount, since we have also paid interest.

Basically, we have been paying $1,100 towards debt each month, with some extra payments thrown in along the way.

Before we found Dave Ramsey and began to get our financial life in order, we would have been paying only a little more than our minimum payments, probably around $400 a month. Not to mention that we would probably have continued to charge more!

If we keep it up, we will have our last credit card paid off in May 2008 and have all our debts (except our mortgage) paid off in August 2010.

Without Dave Ramsey, this never would have been possible!