Thursday, December 13, 2007

At A Standstill

Not too much to report. We did run out of money in our checking account and did resort to using a credit card to take care of Christmas. We will be able to pay it off in full when the bill comes but it is still upsetting to have to use credit.

On Jan. 1 we will get my husband's big commission and this will put us back in the better position of having money set aside for the low commission months.

What actually got us into trouble this month was a problem with my husband's commission this month. He had forecasted a commission of $2,500, but it came in at only $150. Of course this happened in the first month that we had no "cushion" money left in savings except for our $1,000 emergency fund. The problem with the commission was a combination of a mistake with his company's payroll, and too high of an estimate from my husband.

And could there be a worse month for all this to happen in?

On the 15th things will look up when my husband gets his next check, and everything should be fine on Jan. 1st.

And once the holidays are over I will hopefully dedicate the proper attention to finances once again! (New Year's resolution anyone?) :)