Sunday, December 9, 2007

This is Difficult!

Well, earlier this month we overdrew our checking account and got hit with a $25 service charge. Then this weekend I was making a purchase and tried to use my debit card (because I still hadn't managed to get to the bank to withdraw cash) and my card was declined.

What did I do? Did I put my purchase back like Dame Ramsey would advise? No. I didn't. I used my credit card. Yup. The ugly c word.

When I got home I checked our account to find we had a balance of $5.00.

I ran off to the bank to deposit a couple of checks I had been carrying in my purse but hadn't gotten around to depositing yet.

So, not paying attention to the finances for a couple of weeks has cost us.

Hoping to get back on track but this may require more than just hope.