Saturday, July 14, 2007

07/14/07 - Daily Progress Report

Today's Cash Crate Earnings: $ .75.

Tomorrow will be halfway through the month so I really hope I can get a little closer to $500 in earnings. I really want to make at least $1,000 every month if I can.

Updated our Debt Payoff Progress in the right sidebar today. Our debt has gone down from $44,000 to $36,347. Averaging $1,500 paid off each month. Not bad since our budget was so tight I didn't think we'd be able to pay more than the minimums which is around $500. Should be able to get the amount we pay each month up a little if my extra earnings continue. There is a slight lag between earning the money and getting paid and paying the debt so that should show up more by next month.

Also updated my Debt Payoff Chart (from No Credit Needed Network) and my Net Worth Chart (from Net Worth IQ) also shown in the right side bar. (I love both of those sites as it is fun to mark your progress on a chart.)

Total Saved: $0
Total Earned: $ .75