Friday, July 6, 2007


Agloco is a company that might help you earn a little income from your normal web browsing activity. (Yes, I am always on the lookout to earn money on line.)

Agloco stands for A Global Company. Basically, you sign up for free, and then download their viewbar, also for free. This viewbar will track your web browsing activity and display relevant ads. You will eventually get paid for the time you spend on line with their viewbar installed. They get paid from the advertisers that will be displaying ads targeted to your interests right in your Agloco viewbar, and Agloco will pass on a portion of this money to you. The way I see it, that's free money for doing something you'd be doing anyway, surfing the web.

You apparently will also earn shares of stock in the company based on the hours you use the viewbar. And you also earn money through referrals.

It remains to be seen how much income can be earned from Agloco, but I thought I'd give it a try. If you're interested, check out the Agloco website. And I'll keep you posted on how much I earn with them.