Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My Alexa Page Rank of 17

Well, yesterday The Old Vic from Net Monetization left a comment asking me how I got an Alexa Page Rank of 17. Well, that was news to me.

So I checked it out, and he was right. The page rank for Finding Financial Peace is listed on Alexa as 17. Wow! I thought. How did that happen? (This was, of course, after I confirmed that this was a good number, since I figured out that 1 is the highest, not the lowest. lol!)

Well, I visited The Old Vic's blog and read a very interesting post he wrote about Blogger Revenue And Alexa Rankings - Are They Related? He basically went through Paula Neal Mooney's List of Blogger's Salaries article (on which I am listed at number 62!) and checked out the Alexa ranking of each of the blogs listed. He determined that while there was some correlation between high blog revenue and a good Alexa ranking, the correlation was not absolute.

So, I scanned the list anxiously searching for my blog's listing only to be disappointed that it wasn't on there. Bummer, I thought. How did I get onto Paula's list but left off of this one? Then I saw it, way down the bottom of the list, a note that says he can only classify the reason my blog (and one other) got such a good Alexa ranking as a "strange aberration".

Later he noted in comments that the ranking could be because of the ranking of Blogger. I checked this out and at first I thought he might be right but then I found other Blogger blogs with different rankings. So, I really have no explanation, but I'll take it!

You know what they say - Any publicity is good publicity!