Saturday, August 4, 2007

08/03/07 - Daily Progress Report

Today's Earnings: $ .94
Cash Crate: $ .94

Today's Expenses: $305.32
Went grocery shopping today and spend a large sum but haven't been grocery shopping in almost three weeks, so we needed a lot ($166.32 - grocery). Stopped at McDonald's for lunch on the way, shouldn't have but we really had nothing in the house ($9.00 - JR spending). Gave hubby his weekly spending money ($30 - BR spending). My husband and I went out to dinner with a friend who was visiting from out of town, since we went way over our weekly "pizza" money, I'll take the rest out of the grocery budget ($20 - pizza / $30-grocery). Bought some potted flowers as a gift for the friend we will be spending the weekend with. Went to Lowes to buy it because we had a gift card there, and I got them on clearance ($6 - n/a). Hubby filled his car with gas ($30 - BR auto gas). Put some gas in my car ($20 - JR auto gas). Another high expense day and the weekend won't be much better since we will be away for the weekend. And I won't be working at the church which will mean I lose out on another $28.