Sunday, August 5, 2007

08/05/07 - Daily Progress Report

Today's Earnings: $1.81
Cash Crate earnings: $1.81

Today's Expenses: $130.00
Today we went to the local Seafood Festival. Bought tickets for the kids to go on the rides ($50.00!! - vacation). Then let the kids play some games and had lunch and ice cream ($35 - vacation / $45- grocery). Our hosts were even talking about visiting a waterpark after the festival but luckily we decided to go back and swim in the lake (for free!) instead! This was a very, very expensive day and just about used our entire vacation budget (and we have a lot more excursions planned for this month)!

I found it was difficult to try to be frugal when you are someone's guest. They are the planners and the organizers and you have to be polite. Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time, but we spent a lot more than we had planned. Probably the biggest culprit is that we did not budget adequately for this event, as well as the others we have planned. I think that $200 was never going to cover all the "vacation" activities that I wanted to do this month. We should have allotted more money or canceled some of our plans. I'll need to take a closer look and talk to my husband about what we should do. (Although I know he will just want to pay less towards the debts and enjoy our plans. He is only partially on board and doesn't believe that it really is possible to live a debt free life. But I am determined!) So, a little readjusting and we'll figure it out. :)