Monday, August 27, 2007

08/27/07 - Daily Progress Report

Well, things sure have been busy around here! We did have the yard sale but I was a bit disappointed in our earnings. We only made $125. Not terrible but I was hoping for more. $715 would have been nice so I could have reached my $1,000 income goal for the month! lol!

So, looks like I'm going to come in way under goal this month for earnings. I think I was thrown off track a bit by trying to focus on tracking my expenses. I'm not going to give up my focus on expenses in September, but I am going to plan my budget a lot more carefully to make sure that I can realistically stay at or below budget.

I think I set my budget figures a bit too low in August. I am in such a hurry to have all my debts paid off, but being unrealistic goals only leads to failure. I am going to focus on being realistic in September and sticking to the budget 100%. I think if I can be successful at adhering to the budget for a couple of months I can then work at slowly lowering some of the categories.

This is not to say that I won't be working on increasing my income! With the kids going back to school I will have more time to focus on earning. I will definitely try to write for Associated Content and I will work on fixing my computer's cookies trouble so that my offers will confirm at Cash Crate. I am also going to start signing up for the fall Craft Fairs where I can sell my jewelry.

I'm ready for September to start over fresh!

Today's Earnings: $ .74
Ad revenue: $ .48
Associated Content Performance Bonus: $ .18
Cash Crate revenue: $ .10

Today's Expenses: $0