Sunday, September 9, 2007

Basic Weekly Schedule

Now that school has resumed it's time to get my life back on a regular schedule. I find that having a Basic Weekly Schedule keeps me organized and allows me to accomplish my goals, including saving and earning money.

Basically I designate one day of each week for a particular task. This year my Basic Weekly Schedule looks like this:

Monday: Grocery Shopping/Returns (alternating every other week)
: Clean the House
Wednesday: Bargain Shopping (shop loss leaders & sales, buy gifts)
Thursday: Paperwork
Friday: Errands (bank, dry cleaners, post office, etc.)
Saturday: Family Day
Sunday: Clip Coupons, Scan Flyers, Weekly Planning (meals, groceries, activities)

My schedule is largely dictated by my daughter's school schedule. I will try to get most of my shopping and errands done while she is in school. Tuesday is my lucky day when I don't have to drive car pool at all, so it will be my stay at home day, and clean the house day.

I am going to try to switch from grocery shopping every week to grocery shopping every other week. I think this will definitely save us money. At first I was reluctant to do this because I like to take advantage of the weekly loss leader sales. So, I decided to do my "sale" shopping on Wednesdays. This way I can take advantage of any great sales without doing an actual full grocery shopping. We'll see how this goes.

In addition to this schedule, I am going to try to do one money earning activity each day, such as list something on ebay, write an article for Associated Content, promote my jewelry business, etc. This should be realistic.

Well, I feel better already by having a plan!