Saturday, January 12, 2008

1/12/08 - Daily Progress Report

Requested a credit refund check from American Express for some Christmas gifts that I returned.

Bought a gift for a birthday party my daughter is attending today. Got a $17.99 gift, used a $5 off coupon, and paid with a $15 gift certificate I had. Net: $3 profit! :)

Today's Earnings:
Returns: $58.00
Gift: $3.00
TOTAL: $61.00

We have my daughter's birthday party today at Chuck E Cheese, so it will be a high expense day. We did make cupcakes ourselves with stuff I had on hand, and I made up the goody bags with some stuff I bought on clearance. This saved the Chuck E Cheese cost of cake ($10) and goody bags ($2 each x 9 kids = $18). So saved close to $28.