Sunday, January 27, 2008

1/27/08 - Daily Progress Report

Wow! It's been over a week since I have posted! I can't believe that.

Anyway, I was away for the weekend, scrapbooking with a group of friends. It is a yearly trip and is a lot of fun. Scrapbooking can be an expensive hobby though. Luckily this whole trip was paid for last year. It was great looking at all the photos of my 3 daughter's when they were babies. Boy the time does go by fast! Gets me thinking about how quickly the time will come when they will be going off to college. That thought makes me both want to save, save, save to have enough for college. And also to spend some making more wonderful memories - creating a fun childhood for them. I guess fun times can be had without spending money, or without spending a lot of money. So, for the next few months I'm planning to spend some time planning some fun activities - at least one per month. Bowling, skiing, movies - whatever. But I think we have cut our entertainment spending too much. And I want to align my spending closer to my values. So, spend more on fun for the kids, and cut back somewhere else. Need to think more about where we can cut back . . .