Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Addition To The Family

Well, I haven't posted about it yet, but Santa brought us a kitten for Christmas! She is very cute and a welcome addition to our family. But having a pet does cost money. We had figured on the monthly food and kitty litter, but we hadn't planned on monthly medicine.

Turns out our new kitty has a serious heart problem that requires daily medication for the rest of her life! We had been told originally that the medicine was a nominal cost. Well, today we found out the actual cost is $15 + $7 shipping for a total of $22 a month. That's not what I consider nominal. I was expecting like $3 or $5.

Not too much we can do about it though. She's a family member now and we love her.

Good thing I have that extra weekly babysitting money coming in ($40 a week). I think I need to get back to my goal of earning an extra $1,000 a month. I was able to do it a few times over the past year. I just need to keep at it. I do have stuff to sell on ebay so I think I need to get a bit organized and plan one day a week to post stuff. Need to focus on my jewelry business too.

Anyway, we love our new kitten and feel she is worth these extra costs.