Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today's Food Spending

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$3.56 - Coffee Break (stopped while out doing errands this morning)
$158.56 - Subtotal for March

I did change our grocery budget for this month from $500 to $300. Part of this is just wanting to cut back but also I am not grocery shopping as regularly anymore as I was in the past. I was going grocery shopping every Monday. There are 5 Mondays in March, hence why my original budget was for $500 ($100 a week). Now that I am trying to stretch out between grocery visits and going on a different day each week, plus the fact that I am a stockpiler and have tons of food in the house, I have lowered our grocery budget to $300.

I also got rid of the $80 we had budgeted for March for pizza, as we have not been as regular about that either.

Now, we have already spent over $150 on non-grocery food this month that didn't have its own category in the budget (part pizza, part personal fun money, etc.). So, our total food for the month will probably be very close to the $580 (original $500 grocery plus $80 pizza).

May need to think about changing my budget category names.


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