Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lawn Tractor Debate

Our ride on lawn mower has died. We have a very large yard and will definitely need to get another one. To hire someone would cost about $50 a week, so that definitely doesn't make sense. The question is: Do we buy a used one or a new one?

My husband wants to get a new one. I want to get a used one.

I can understand why my husband wants a new one. It would be a lot easier to just walk into Sears, pick out the one you want, order it, and have it delivered to the house. Another benefit would be that it would come with a warranty.

Buying a used one would be a lot more work. First we would need to look around to find used ride on mowers for sale, for example on Craig's list. Then call to see if it is still available, ask about the details, arrange a time to go look at it. Potentially we would have to look at several different ones to determine what would be best for our needs. Then you would need to negotiate price. Then if we manage to do all this and find one that would fit our needs for a price we find reasonable, we would need to find a way to get the mower to our house. This would involve either asking a favor of a friend with a truck or renting a Uhaul or something.

Obviously, the major difference between a new one and a used one is price. New ride on mowers start around $1,500. I have seen used ones starting around $300. That is a big difference and the major reason that I am lobbying for a used one.

Neither one of us drives a new car. Why do we need a new mower?

My husband is going to need a little more convincing. I'll let you know what happens . . .