Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, after spending the last 14 months focused solely on paying off debt, I feel like I am losing a little motivation. Not that I'm thinking of giving up or going on a spending spree, just that I find I'm not thinking about debt and becoming debt free 24 hours a day, like I was over the last 14 months.

I tend to be a little bit obsessive. Currently I feel like my obsession has moved from debt to jewelry. I have launched a new website for my jewelry business and it has been going pretty well. I have been earning a little money, which will help with the debt snowball. It's just that it feels a little weird that I'm now staying up late at night reading jewelry blogs instead of personal finance blogs. (Don't worry, I still check all my favorites regularly!)

Anyway, as I mentioned in a recent post, we won't be able to throw our usual $1,100 debt snowball at our debts this month because we will be buying a used riding lawn mower for $1,000 (our mower died). I feel a little sad about this. It is actually the first time since we started following this plan in Feb. 2007 that we won't be able to put the amount we have budgeted towards our debt. I know that it is inevitable that Murphy will visit, but it still makes me a little sad. Almost seems like a mark on a perfect record. Like when you have been following your diet perfectly and then you cheat. It sort of feels like we cheated.

The important thing is for us not to let this setback throw us off course.

And I need to make the time to focus on our finances!