Monday, May 26, 2008


Not quite sure what to report.

Haven't been spending wildly, but haven't been super frugal either. It seems silly but I can just tell even at the grocery store that I'm not quite back to normal yet. Lately I've been feeling like we never have everything my family wants to eat in the house. So when I stopped at the grocery store - I just bought what everyone wanted. Nothing extravagant, but not my usual frugal self either. For example, I picked up hot dog rolls and paid $2.69. Normally I would pass these right by as I know I can get them somewhere else for $ .69. But lately I just don't feel like making my family "suffer".

I can't help but think of Amy Dacyzcyn (of the Tightwad Gazette) and how she would say that nothing would induce her to pay more for an item (than the lower price she knew she could get). I used to feel like this. Lately it seems though, I just want to be more "normal", and just walk in to the store and pick up what my family wants/needs. (Then I think of Dave Ramsey saying "Don't be normal!").

So, basically I think I am starting/trying to climb back on the horse, but haven't completely gotten up there yet.