Friday, May 2, 2008


I did take out all the cash we'll need for May and funded our cash envelopes. I used our annual budget to figure out the amount needed. I still need to go over the month with my husband to make sure we haven't forgotten any expenses that we will have this month. I know we have one party to go to that we will need to give a $100 gift. Luckily my husband's commission this month was $1,000 instead of the $300 we had budgeted. Hopefully we'll be able to use some of this as snowflakes, especially since we don't really have a snowball this month (because of needing to buy a used lawn tractor for $1,000).

Still need to review April to see how we did actual vs. budget.

I also need to get my jewelry income and expenses in order. I made 11 sales in April, which I'm very pleased about. Hopefully the numbers will show a positive cash flow that can also turn into snowflakes.

Lots to do - but at least I have the cash envelopes funded. It's a first step.