Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In The Money

Well, I have been busy busy busy! The new on-line pendant shop is doing well. I landed my first wholesale account and now my pendants will be sold in a gift shop in Maryland (yippee!)!

Orders have been coming in fairly regularly and my PayPal balance is almost $500 - pretty good for only about a month.

The only problem - is the constant one . . . I have not taken the time to TRACK the income and expenses! Both for my jewelry businesses and my personal finances! I know it's an excuse but I just haven't had the time. I have been staying up until 2am most nights just to stay on top of everything else. (And the housekeeping is suffering too - believe me!)

So, I need a plan to make a change - but don't have it in place yet.

It's great to be earning this extra money but I need to make sure that it goes to the right place - the debt!!

I did make a large payment to our HELLoc - $4,000 (which was really to cover 2 months of snowball payments) - so our total debt should be down to around $23,000 - which is just a little over half of what we started with ($44,000). After almost a year and a half I wish it was less but I am still holding out hope that we could become debt free by the end of 2008. We have a nice big cushion in our savings ($12,000) to cover low commission months, our new furnace, and my daughter's braces - but there could me money left over for the debt.

I do still desperately want to be debt free - so the goal is still there. Just need to find the time to focus more energy there!