Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Been A Bad Girl

I'm embarrassed to say that I went on a spending spree this weekend. I bought a bunch of new clothes for myself (and yes, you might remember that not one month ago - I did the exact same thing!).

I am going away with my 3 sisters this weekend to visit my parents. We'll be gone from Thursday till Monday.

My sisters and mother are spenders. Their favorite activity is "shopping" (except 1 of my sisters). And they all always have really nice "stuff" (clothes, shoes, bags, etc.). I am by far the most frugal of the bunch. I think they think I'm a little ridiculous. But, the truth is that before I started my journey to become debt free - I was just like them.

I feel like I have fallen into the "Keeping Up With The Joneses" trap. (Shame on me!)

But the truth of the matter is that I am really looking forward to this trip. And I really want to have a good time. And I know I won't have a good time if I feel like I don't look good (nice clothes). So, I bought nice clothes. I know I shouldn't have - it certainly was NOT in the budget.

I think a major reason for this slip up is that I have not been seeking the advice and support of LIKE MINDED people - people who see the VALUE in becoming debt free. I need to get back to reading all my favorite PF Blogs, and listening to Dave Ramsey's show, etc.

Well, I did reserve several PF books from the library to bring on the trip (which my sister thought was hysterical) - so maybe that's a start.

I sure hope so . . .