Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daily Progress Report


Currently the balance in our checking account is: $253.

I'm glad I checked. I thought it was more. This money will need to last us until my husband gets paid on 8/31/08 - so, 5 days. That might be tough. I am planning to take DD3 out back to school clothes shopping tonight. Looks like we'll need to find some good bargains.

I plan to spend today going through the clothes she already has to see what fits, and to go through the hand me down clothes that I saved from her sisters to see what might work. This should definitely supplement what we'll need to buy new.

DD3 really wants a new back pack like her sister got (which cost me $36). I'm a little torn because she has a perfectly good brand new Hello Kitty backpack that I think she got for Christmas (or maybe last Christmas) - but never used - because they didn't need them for preschool. But she says that now she doesn't like Hello Kitty. Hmmm.

Maybe I can let her pick out a new back pack and sell the Hello Kitty one on ebay. Should add a goal of selling one item a week on ebay.


I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for the Craft Festival I will be doing at the beginning of October.

I bought a (cheap) tent for the festival (required to have), but am now having second thoughts about it. Wondering if I should invest in a better quality tent that has side wall (removable). Currently I'll be in a lot of trouble if it rains and I have no sides. Also might be very hot and sunny without sides. Also, since the tents are all lined up side by side, your display looks a lot nicer if you have sides to separate you from your neighbors.

I find it very stressful trying to decide how much money to invest in my jewelry businesses. It's hard to know what will be a good investment and what won't.

I do have over $500 in my jewelry account. All my jewelry revenues go into this account and I try to make most of my supplies purchases from this account. (Not that I have a good bookkeeping system - I definitely don't!)

So, lot's to do and think about today.