Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Starting A New Price Book

I have decided that since Grocery prices have gone up considerably over the past few years, I really need to do a new Price Book.

They way I do a Price Book is to make an alphabetical list of all the items I normally buy at the grocery store. I then record the lowest price I have purchased each item for. This price becomes my target price. I try to never spend more than the target price for any item. I try to purchase enough at the lowest price to last me until it goes down to that price again.

Here are some of the low prices I know by heart and aim for at the grocery store:

butter: $1.50 lb
chicken/boneless: $1.79 lb
Doritos: $1.50
Hunts spaghetti sauce: $ .79 can
Old Spice deodorant: $1.50
paper towels: $ .50 each roll
paper plates: $.99 per 72 ($.013 ea)
pasta: $ .79 lb (gone way up!)
sandwich bread: $ .50 each loaf
Secret deodorant: $1.50
toilet paper: $ .19 each roll
wheat thins: $1.50 a box