Monday, June 8, 2009

Mid June Update

June is starting off well!

I had an outdoor craft show on the past two Saturdays.

The one on June 6th was the first time that I did an outdoor one all by myself - and I did great! It was in Providence, RI, and it was a really good show. And, I was able to lug all my stuff, and set up the 10' x 10' tent all by myself. It was a bit exhausting and I was definitely sore on Sunday, but I'm happy that I will be able to handle these shows by myself. At the end of the day I had made $320 in sales. Not bad.

Then this past Saturday, June 13th, I did another show in Wakefield, MA. It was great! I was busy all day and made a ton of sales. I probably would have made even more if I had had more inventory. (I completely sold out of my adult size ribbon necklaces!) I ended the day with $750 in sales! Yay! I am psyched!

So, I have already surpassed my $1,000 of extra income goal! I'm at $1,070 and the month is only almost half over!

The FFEF (fully funded emergency fund) will be filled before I know it!! :)