Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Still here plugging along.

Made $400 at the craft show this past weekend. Have another one scheduled for this Saturday.

So far this month, I have made $1,700 in jewelry sales at craft shows this month! I really can't believe it. It has kept me very busy making enough stock to bring to the shows. But boy does it feel good!

After this weekend things will slow down. I have not found many craft shows that I can participate in over the summer. I am going to try to do a 2 day show at the end of August, but that's about it.

Once September is here, I'll be doing a show basically every Saturday in September, October, and November, and maybe a couple in December.

I hope to use the summer down time to make tons of stock and spruce up my on line store.

Things are going pretty much as planned as far as the budget goes. My husband is still expecting about an $8,000 commission at the end of the month which will bring our Emergency Fund up to $25,000 - only $5,000 short of our $30,000 goal. After we get the commission I plan to open that checking account that pays 4.44% interest.

Over the summer I also plan to go through my basement and get rid of a bunch of stuff. I plan to make a section for items to sell on ebay and post some stuff every week.

So, that's what's going on with me. Sorry I haven't been posting often. I hope to keep up better. Hope you all are well!