Sunday, August 22, 2010

Financial Trouble

Well, things aren't going all that great. DH's new job isn't what we had hoped. He hasn't made a commission since he started 7 months ago. So, we have been living on just over 60% of what he used to make. Luckily I have been making some good money selling my pendants at craft shows, but our income is still seriously low, barely covering our monthly expesnes.

To make matters worse, we just got back from taking our family on a week long cruise. We had this cruise planned for months ago, and, in theory, we paid cash for it. That means, we paid cash when we initially paid for the cruise . . . BUT, there were lots of additional costs that I did not take into consideration.

Between everything, the bottom line is that our Emergency Fund is now down by $4,000 ($26,000 instead of $30,000). And what's worse is that it doesn't look like we'll be able to build it back up for several months - like probably not until next May! UGH!

DH is interviewing for a new job that would bring a substantial pay increase, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed - but still feeling very nervous in the meantime.

The road to Financial Peace certainly is a long one!