Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bounced Check

Well, had a check bounce twice last week! Ugh! Stupid tax!!

Got hit with two $27 fees from the bank and a $10 fee from the Garage where we wrote the check. Not paying attention to your finances is expensive! (Silently vows -again- to do better . . . )

Things have been so busy, but I clearly need to make more time for the finances. Strangely, I feel calm about it though. We actually ARE getting the debt paid off. I was hoping it would be by the end of this year, 2008. But it might take a little longer, and for now, that's okay with me.

It'd be nice if we could have it paid off by February 2009 - that would be exactly 2 years from when we started.

But the truth is, we are getting there. We are not incurring any more debt. We have actually made a lifestyle change - and that feels good! No new debts, living on less than we earn, doing a budget every single month, using the cash envelope system - even when things get busy, these things are in place in our life.

I feel a nice sense of calm. :)