Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm still around!

Hubby came back from his week long business trip to Las Vegas. He will get reimbursed for all the money he spent for business stuff, and won a little cash at blackjack that covered all his non business spending. So that was good.

We have been following along with our budget this month for the most part. I still have a good amount of cash in our Grocery envelope which I'm very happy about. I haven't made our "snowball payment" to our Equity Loan (last debt) yet, but I plan to do it this week. I just need to "balance" our checking account and make sure everything is on track. I checked last week and for some reason it seemed we had more money in there than I had expected. Not sure why that would be. I had figured out last week that we would need to transfer about $1000 from our savings account (vacation fund) in order to make our "regular" snowball payment of $1,800. But when I checked our account last it seemed that we had enough to make the payment without the transfer. So, need to do a little investigating.

Another item on the agenda this week is to straighten out my business checking account. I don't have on line access to that account or a debit card to that account and I really need both. Because of not having those things I have been using our regular checking account for my jewelry business. This is not good. Makes for very difficult accounting.

On the jewelry front things have been going well. My Etsy site has been really good. I've had 21 sales including the last one which was a big order of 10 pieces of jewelry for a wedding! Yeay! I'm happy with how that's been going.

I am even working on opening a second Etsy jewelry shop for an inexpensive line of pendants that I'm really excited about. I'll let you know when that shop opens. And I think this line is going to do really well at the Craft Fairs this year. So, this has been taking a lot of my focus. I need to remember to keep a balance between everything in my life.