Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daily Progress Report

My kids have three half days this week and I was lucky enough to get to babysit for these days in addition to one of my regular days. So, this should amount to $160. This is great but unfortunately I won't be able to use the money for snowflakes because we have had some unexpected expenses come up this month:

- My husband purchased tickets for a concert that he really wants to go to. This set us back $150, but we should get $75 from his friend who will be going to the concert with him.

- My husband decided to join another fantasy football league with my sister's boyfriend. This set us back $110 (but my husband assures me he will come in at least third place, if not higher, so we will win back between $300 - $800! lol!)

- A friend of ours has a son with autism and they have asked us to come to an Autism Benefit. We feel we should support them so we will be getting tickets for $70, plus costing us more for the cash bar and auction, etc.

Hopefully we can earn enough extra income this month to cover these unexpected expenses.